Midlands SORBA Rocks Kanuga

Midlands SORBA Rocks Kanuga

By Eric Gilfus

August 22, 2020 

Finally, the alarm rings and I jump out of bed. Today is the day! Kanuga, the hottest bike park to hit the south opened a month ago on July 25th. I was pumped. I grabbed my banana, coffee, chocolate and yogurt protein shake and made my way up north. 

Much like the ideals of SORBA- Kanuga was born out of a similar concept- Make mountain biking fun and welcoming. The team at Kanuga proudly displays that it is rider built and rider approved. Based on our experience today, I would have to agree. These are some of the nicest trails I have ever ridden.

Flow, my gosh! 

The trails offer a little something for everyone. There are two ways to the top- the fastest way, particularly encouraged for the ebikers- Copperhead road. For the most of us, High Rocks Climb is the better (easier) option. Once to the top, we progressed from the greens, to the blues and then the black diamond trails. I tell ya- this place is like Disney World for MTB’s. Plenty of berms, table-tops, jumps, logs, you name it- it’s probably there. The best part- no lines! 

What’s that? 

From Columbia, it’s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive. Is it worth it? You bet! So- What does Kanuga offer for non-cyclists? There are about twenty miles of hiking trails that are available as well as a lakeside shelter that offers local craft brews and ciders. In addition, they offer freshly prepared wraps if you didn’t bring lunch! 


When was the last time you stayed in a cabin? How about camped in a tent outside? Well, you are in luck- Kanuga allows camping onsite. We saw several sites we saw as we pulled into the parking lot. They also have the bunk bed cabins for rent! Check out this LINK to more details

Ride On! 

As I reflect on the trip, I am thankful to ride outdoors with some good people during this crazy year. Life will always have complications but at least we have our bikes.