Recap: May 2020 Social (Virtual)

We may be better at riding bikes than operating heavy technology, but we managed to figure out how to conduct our first Virtual actually worked out alright!  Not quite the same but close enough in these novel times.  We'd love to have you join us for the next one!

Here's a recap of key points that were discussed:

1. Matt Bregenzer highlighted that IMBA and SORBA's primary guidance regarding riding at this point is to follow guidelines from local authorities.  

2. Ben Brinson gave an overview of the content of the website which is up and running.  It has Open / Closed status based on local weather and all pertinent info for our Midlands MTB trails including maps, how to get permits, etc.  Especially useful for the newer trails...which segues nicely to the most exciting point of the agenda....

3. Michael Sparkman gave an update on High Hill Creek in Florence which is set to soft open on JUNE 1st.  Call a friend or head out by yourself but whatever you do GO RIDE IT!  Hats off to the Florence crew; what an accomplishment!  

There's an additional exiting announcement which was made regarding High Hill Creek.  Through generous local fundraising and the City of Florence we are in the process of securing an additional 40 acres of property adjacent to the current High Hill Creek Property.  These things take time, but the short of it is that this will provide capacity for additional trail miles at a future date! 

4. Paul Gremillion talked about the state of affairs regarding trail riding and group rides.  Right now, we're not holding large formal group rides as that would be counter to the guidance from our local authorities.  We are encouraging riding lesser known trails and in off peak hours when possible.  Additionally, we hope that the MTB community in the Midlands will encourage those who are either new to riding or have dusted off their bikes to continue riding.  Set a scheduled day to get up with a friend, follow the local guidance at the time, and have fun.  

We are discussing options for group riding as local guidance changes.  Additionally, we're ruminating on ideas for fall trips.  We'll keep you posted on that and if you have any ideas come share them at the next meeting or email us at